Cheese Please.

Cheese Please.

Usually one dinner a week for me consist of cheese and wine (usually from Table Three Ten) but putting a cheese board together at home is is really simple and easy…not to mention, it will major impress your friends or house guests (sometimes I impress myself!).


When putting together a cheese plate start a good place to start is with a soft, a hard, and a blue (or a soft, a hard, and a goat); one or two types of crackers and/or slice up a baguette; add nuts, jam, and dried fruit.

Kate and I started with a soft, a hard, and a goat courtesy of  Whole Foods (clockwise: wensleydale with cranberries, capricho de cabra with herbs, and manchego. All hand cut cheeses are on sale at Whole Foods till tomorrow 2/17).


Go ahead and slice up your hard cheese (the manchego). It will make it easier for your guests and will give some texture to your plate.


I love adding a little something sweet with my cheese…think apples (red and green/sweet and sour), dried cranberries, dried apricots, grapes and/or jam. They will also add color and vibrancy to your board.

My favorite is to smother the goat cheese on the apple slices and toss on a little jam! Yum.



Now to load up your board!

A cutting board works best. If you are loading up three cheese, then the bigger the better (and the more impressive it will be!)


Layout your cheese first. Then pair your fruits, nuts, and crackers around your cheese pairing things that tastes best together near each other (honestly, it’s hard to go wrong.)

Your guests will mix and match, and play around with all the different options…which is  totally fine! Cheese boards should be fun rather than some fancy dish that has be be perfectly paired together.




What goes perfect with cheese?? WINE!

Barrel 12 from Sante cellars is quickly becoming a go-to red for me. It pairs well with most everything and so smooth (which can get me in trouble!) You can find it at Liquor Barn and Wines on Vine.



Now grab some friends, wine glasses and dive in!



Caution: Lots of deep conversation and silly chipmunk cheek photos will emerge.


Beautiful kitchen provided by Kitchen Concepts and Jimmy Nash Homes| Wine sponsored by Sante Cellars |

Cheeses and accoutrements provided by Whole Foods Lexington

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  1. Jennifer

    Love this! I always wanted to do my own but didn’t really know where to start. You have me hooked on the cheese at 310 ;)!! xo Jen

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