Buffalo Plaid Madness

Buffalo Plaid Madness

Buffalo plaid madness is spreading and I have been infected!

The moment I saw this sweater coming to Shop Local KY, I knew I had to add it to my collection. I set a reminder in my calendar and my alarm clock (to ensure I would be awake..it was Christmas break and all) so that I could sure I was able to snatch up one for me and Mr. Love Lexington. Selling out in record time, buffalo plaid madness may have broken the internet that morning (sorry Kim…I know you hoped to keep that record).

The next day (yes, that’s how fast ships from Shop Local KY if you live in Lexington) our buffalo plaid beauty’s were waiting waiting on the door step when we arrived home.

I know, I know...I can see it the judgement on your face…I got the red plaid (instead of the blue) but seeI can’t help it…buffalo plaid is RED. My inner fashionista refused to let me order blue. I promise I haven’t traded over to the dark side (or shall we say red side)…I still bleed blue under this red plaid.



On a separate note, fashion blogging is way hard! I had planned out this awesome outfit, including a black leather mini to rock with my new buffalo plaid sweatshirt. However, upon arrival of my leather mini and paired with my sweatshirt…it was an epic fail. Not to mention that 50 degrees and sunny means zip, zero zilch, notta when the wind cuts right through you! I was thankful to have this cozy sweatshirt and ripped up jeans (lil’ leather mini…I shall save you for spring!)



And who could have thought that “too sunny” is a bad thing? Well it is when your taking photos. Shadows are practically impossible to get away from! We roamed downtown in search of the perfect spots with shaded knooks and cranny’s.



Kudos to you fashion bloggers…I mean really…what the heck to you do with your hands? Your face? Where do you look? Don’t look at the camera…Don’t look down…Don’t look to far up. I’m starting to think I only know how to function in front of the lens when there’s a big bowl of coffee in my hands or a big burger getting ready to be shoved in my face.

Quick…someone throw me a burger!


This buffalo plaid sweatshirt is quickly becoming a favorite in my closet and gets ton’s of compliments every time I wear it out (even despite being red in our “big blue nation”). It makes me smile that so many Kentuckians are proud to wear their state on their chest (literally) and we should be. We have one kick-ass state!

Shop Local KY Buffalo Plaid Sweater (also available in Blue Plaid and Hoodie styles)

American Eagle Jeans | Kate Spade Tote (similar here)

Converse Chuck Taylor

Photography by Jesse Rohr

Stay tuned for more buffalo plaid madness from Shelby (Glitter & Gingham), Courtney (Behind Her Monogram Macbook ), Jen (Pages of Style), and Stephanie (White Coat Wardrobe).

5 thoughts on “Buffalo Plaid Madness

  1. Christine

    I’ve seen you looking adorable in this enough times I don’t think I can resist ordering one any longer! (maybe I can convince my UofL fan hubby that it would make a good Vday gift). What size is yours? Do they run true to size?

    1. Love, Lexington Post author

      Awe thank you. Yes! You will not regret this purchase. I have a small (5’6″ ~125) and its perfect for a female frame. I would call it a vintage fit…so if you want more of a true sweatshirt fit go up a size. I prefer this fit as it’s better on my frame.

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    1. Love, Lexington Post author

      Thanks girl! Can’t wait to see you rock your’s later this week.

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