Bourbon Sweet Tea

Bourbon Sweet Tea

Bourbon Sweet Tea

Considering I just moved even further south…I can’t thinking of anything more fitting to feature for Friday’s Cocktail Series than a Bourbon Sweet Tea. Of the three cocktails I’ve shared so far, this might be my favorite…mostly because I crafted this one from a few different recipes that I found to make it my own. It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for a little front porch sittin’ as those here in Alabama would call it (and everyone literally hangs out on their front porch in our neighborhood…we love it!)


What you’ll need:


First, muddle a slice of lemon and mint into the bottom of your glass. I’ve chosen mason jar glasses (picked up a 4 pack at Home Goods) but you could mix these up in a tall glass or oversized rocks glass if that’s all you have handy.


Fill your glass to the top with ice and then drop in two ounces of your favorite bourbon…I’ve gone with my go-to brand Bulleit.



Toss in one ounce of Jack Rudy’s Sweet Tea syrup. Jack Rudy’s is in a handful of places in Lexington, KY  (Enoteca, Wine + Market, Liquor Barn) and The Pantry by Stone Hollow in Birmingham (see the full list of retailers here)



Finish up with sparkling water. You can add as little or as much as you want…to the top of your ice is a good place to stop or for a more bourbon forward finish, a little under.



Give your cocktail a stir, garnish with a lemon, a sprig of Mint, and a fun straw (I’m obsessed with these paper straws from Target)!


Head out to your front porch to enjoy your Bourbon Sweet Tea!





Disclaimer: Thank you to Jack Rudy’s for providing the sweet tea syrup for this week’s cocktail!

[ Photography by Mindy Rohr ]

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