Love is Blooming.

Love is Blooming.

Valentines day is tomorrow and many of you (hopefully) are going to get beautiful roses and boutiques from your someone special…unfortunately, they ware probably going to still be in the plastic cone and rubber-band (bless your poor guys heart for trying!)

If you are like me, you’d normally remove the plastic cone, cut the stems a bit (maybe or maybe not), and throw them in a vase. Which, let’s be honest…isn’t the prettiest. I asked my good friend and independent florist, Deanna from DC Blooms to give us some tips on how to make my flowers look more “put together” and professional.

First, you want to layout all your flowers, grab your scissors, and an appropriate size vase.


Next, drop your flower food in the bottom of the vase you are planning to use. Do not fill your vase with water. We will do this last and it keeps from getting water everywhere if you are pulling stems in and out.


Start with your greenery (if you have some…if not go straight to the flowers.) As you place it into the vase, criss-cross the stems back and forth.




Once you have all the greenery in place, start placing your flowers in. Here Deanna has roses, tulips, and hydrangea’s. The criss-cross greenery will give it some base to secure where you place the flowers.As you cut your flowers, remember you can always cut shorter, but you can’t add stems back on. Hold your flower next to the vase to envision how tall you want it to be then cut the stem at an angle.

Only have one type of flower (like roses)?

Do the same criss-cross method (another professional  tip is to not let the stems go all the way to the bottom of the vase). A longer stem will create a more airy look while a shorter stem will make the flowers more compact in the vase. (You can see another example with the criss-cross bottom from DC Blooms here.)



Deanna is using three different types of flowers and greenery so she is using a large vase and her arrangement will be tall, open and airy.



Once your arrangement is complete, fill up with water and put them out for display.

Stay tuned this spring for a flower series with Deanna! To see more boutiques from DC Blooms, go follower her on FaceBook!

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