Aren’t birthdays the best?

Especially when you get to spend them with amazing friends and family. A girl could not be happier to be surrounded by so many good, genuine people. It was a beautiful weekend, with big blue spirits filling the streets of Lexington. We started out the birthday festivities with a little brunch (my favorite meal) and mimosas from Village Idiot.




On the table: Blackberry French Toast, the Steak and Eggs, and the Country Breakfast (my personal fav!)


Let’s just say that one too many birthday mimosa’s made for an interesting trip to the mall for a few quick returns…and a new Victoria’s Secret PINK UK sweatshirt (and I had $50 in secret rewards…what a win, right?!)


Mr. Love Lex and I had dinner reservations with two of my favorite people at one of my favorite places, Sabio. We were pleasantly surprised with a fresh, new spring menu…we couldn’t wait to dive in!


Don’t worry…a new menu still includes the famous Sabio green beans! A must have for any visit here.


For the birthday girl (me!) and Mr. Love Lex, the scallops. Did you know I had never had scallops until last week? Weird, right?!


For our friends, the Salmon (above) and the Filet (the filet here is so incredible!)


Next stop on the Birthday train…the one and only Two Key’s Tavern. I mean really…is there anywhere else to watch the UK game. I think not! Check out my kick-ass balloon hat courtesy of the Tiny Tallman. We cheered on the cats, we shed a few tears when they lost, we danced at Stagger Inn and finished the night off with a slice of Goodfellas!

I’d say it was a pretty epic birthday!


The next morning was a little rough and I was in desperate need of a good meal to refuel. Table Three Ten had just what the doctor ordered with their Croquet Madame. It was so nice to spend the rest of the day relaxing and visiting with family for Easter dinner.


No holiday is complete without a little festive photo shoot. How cute is Mr. Love Lex in pink bunny ears? Love his face!




Here’s to another year of life and fun with family and friends! Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and spent time to help make it special!

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