Beginners Photography with Kristin Tatem

Beginners Photography with Kristin Tatem

Photography by Kristin Tatem

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Over a year and a half ago, I entered Kristin Tatem’s Beginner’s photography class with enough knowledge to power my camera on…and off…oh and how to charge the battery pack. I knew extremely little about ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance and all those other “camera” terms.  I was sure there was little hope in my future to actually learn how to operate my camera outside of auto.

Five hours later…

I left with 100 times more knowledge than I entered with …enough tools to really start putting photography  into practice. I remember running around the backyard trying to “catch” my dogs in action and then running to our Facebook group to share my images…and get feedback from the teacher herself, Kristin. I cannot stress how much practice and constructive criticism was in my learning process.

Months later, Kristin launched a free online class about lighting, I jumped in both feet (…well…until I left for Punta Cana 8 of 10 days in).  The tools are out there if you want to learn, you just have to find them and grab on with both hands.

Kristin holds in-person Beginner’s Photography Classes a few times a year in her Lexington studio, along with online classes, advanced classes and editing classes. I highly recommend her classes, especially if you have an oh-so-fancy-dSLR that you’ve never taken it out of auto. This past holiday, my sister and I decided to get my mom a certificate to the class (as someone who’s never taken her camera out of auto but wants to love her camera) and I was able to come sit in on the last part of the class to be the model for the learners to practice on. It was a blast and I hope each of these women embrace and enjoy their time behind the lens like I do.

Head on over to learn more about Kristin’s Beginner’s Photography Class or to sign up for the next in-person or online class.

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