Beer Cheese Festival.

Beer Cheese Festival.


Did you know Beer Cheese first originated in the 1940’s in a restaurant in Clark County, Kentucky (Winchester). To celebrate, each year beer cheese lovers come together to sample beer cheese’s from around KY. This was my first year attending and it will not be my last!

Downtown Winchester is so quaint and charming. Why has it been so many years since I’ve been here?



In my opinion, there is no point in going to the festival if you aren’t going to pony up the $5 (I mean seriously…this is a bargain!) to sample all the different beer cheeses. We got there early, just a little after it opened, which was a great idea since over 10k+ people come out to this event each year.

Point me to the beer cheese!!


I like recruiting family and friends  to attend these events with me. It’s always more fun in groups! Not to mention, more people to discuss your sampling with to make the best decision on which beer cheese is the best.

This made for great sister bonding! (Twinning in our Ralph Lauren sunnies.)


And we caught up with our good friends, Shawn and Julie (and a few other’s throughout the day!)


After you get your “sampling bracelet” you get a card to vote for your favorite beer cheese! This was by far the hardest part!



Beer cheese in all forms lined up and down Main Street. All kinds of beer cheese are at your finger tips…there heavy  “beer” cheese, not as heavy “beer” cheese, smooth cheese, chunky cheese…no matter what kind of beer cheese you like, you’ll find one you five that you love here! Served on pretzels, on crackers,  or with celery…beer cheese is good on everything!



Beer cheese served up fancy style…


Go ahead, have a taste.


What better to wash down your beer cheese than an Ale-8-one?


As the morning went on, people filled the streets of Winchester to indulge in beer cheese.


Some people get more excited than others and do a “jig” when they hear “Beer Cheese!”


In addition to the Beer Cheese Row (where the magic happens), there is a kids area, games, beer tents, and a craft fair.


I’d love to know how many gallons of beer cheese are sampled at this yummy festival!


Hall’s beer cheese has always been one of my favorites. I think I need to make a trip down to Hall’s on the River for a beer cheese platter…it’s been too many years since I’ve had one.


Probably the toughest decision of my life…picking the BEST beer cheese. I had about five favorites…but the one I wanted to stick my entire head into their beer cheese….Moo-Shine (and they had a koozie for my water! Win, win.)



You’d think after hours of sampling beer cheese that we’d be done with beer cheese….nope, not us…little sister and I headed off to The Cairn to get a “Hot Mess,” a grilled-beer cheese, cheddar cheese, pepperoni, bacon and crushed up grippo-sandwich. (Wipe the drool off your chin please.)


After we finished our Hot Mess, we headed down the street to a little café to get a Beer Cheese cupcake.

Yes…you read that right…a Beer. Cheese. Cupcake. (say what?!?!) I was skeptical too but it was delicious. Very similar to a spice cake and oddly enough, nothing like what you are thinking a beer cheese cupcake would taste like.



And we wasted no time devouring it…


I have a weakness for cupcakes…and beer cheese…and well…good food in general. No shame here.


If I’d had anymore room in my belly I would have wrapped it up with a snow cone from this cute little truck. I wonder if there is an Ale-8 snow cone?? Ohh. Yum!


With our bellies full, our votes cast…we waddled back to our car and headed home. A successful, fun, beer cheese, finger licking, Saturday morning supporting local businesses and sampling the best beer cheese’s in KY!



Did you make it out to the festival? Who was your favorite beer cheese vendor?