Aerial Yoga with Mix on Vine

Aerial Yoga with Mix on Vine



I have been lucky enough to partner with Mix on Vine on giving away a FREE Aerial Yoga Class.

Yes you read that right! ONE FREE Aerial Yoga Class

How exciting!!  (Scroll to the bottom to enter to win!)

The thing I get asked the most when I talk about Aerial Yoga is,“What do you do in the Aerial Yoga Class?”

Yoga instructor (and good friend,) Ashley Roberts was kind enough to meet up with me for a private class so that I could share with you some of the things you will do in Aerial Yoga.

Mix On Vine-1355

First things first, setting up your yoga swing.

If you notice closely, the straps hanging from the ceiling have multiple settings so you can adjust your swing based on height and move you are doing. I’m 5’6″ (and a half) and I needed mine pretty high up for some of the upside down moves.

Mix On Vine-1357
You do need to wear more fitted clothing to be able to move in the swing easier. Baggy sweats would not be a good option. Traditional yoga attire is perfect for Aerial Yoga.

Mix On Vine-1356

We started off with some traditional “downward dog.” If you have taken a yoga class, it’s interesting to see how traditional yoga is incorporated into Aerial yoga. I was so sore from lifting and out of practice from weeks off from yoga, but it felt so, so good to stretch out my limbs.

Mix On Vine-1405

Next up…planks. We also did the opposite leg/arm lifting which was extremely core engaging.

Mix On Vine-1407

These hip stretches felt amazing! Especially since I sit at a desk most of my work week. I find my hip abductors get sore from just sitting.

Mix On Vine-1412

Standing in the swing is one of my favorites, makes me feel like a little kid again. We did some moves where you push with one leg against the swing and try to basically balance yourself back to the middle, which is also a great core engaging move.

Mix On Vine-1418

Then we dropped down, holding ourselves in the swings only by our feet. Surprisingly, you still feel pretty secure….as you can see, Ashley isn’t hold on for dear life like me!

Mix On Vine-1420

Now, onto my favorite moves. Hanging upside down.

Ashely’s like a little monkey (a really stunning, beautiful little monkey) and could hang upside down like that forever. Mix On Vine-1363

She carefully walked me through how to maneuver my legs through the swing to keep me from falling out of my swing (which I was sure was going to happen!) From there, we did back and leg stretches. You can see in the mirror behind us how we grabbed onto our legs to work on our backs.

Mix On Vine-1364

My not so favorite…The upside down push ups. Okay, okay, I know…we gotta work our arms too.

Mix On Vine-1370

In traditional yoga, this stretch would done sitting up on the floor, reaching for your toes.

See! Some stuff is like more traditional yoga, just done in a different (really fun) way.

Mix On Vine-1374

This move (below) was a hard one for me, I just could not get my body straight, into a flying plank. Thank goodness my swing was pretty high up because I would have smashed my big knoggin’ into the ground from laughing so hard and falling forward.

Keep in mind, just like in a traditional yoga class, it’s not about being perfect it’s about the intent and working to get to the best you can be.

Ashley is obviously more flexible and graceful than I, as she teaches class a few times a week and is a certified yoga instructor. She (like all the Mix on Vine instructors) makes you feel extremely comfortable and you don’t care how silly you look because the moves are so much fun (none else is watching you..they are all trying to get the moves like you are)!

Mix On Vine-1381

If you are interested in doing a “flip” in the swing, the instructor will show you how. It is basically this sitting move (below) and you hold onto the handles and flip forward. Now…getting up into that sitting position…not so graceful looking.

This move might intimidate some but please know that when I took a group class, only those that wanted to give this a try this after class stayed around to try it out.

Mix On Vine-1379

Mix on Vine also offers an Aerial Combo class (and TRX). Having never taken an Aerial Combo class, Ashley showed me a few things you would do.

A few more traditional yoga poses, like Half-Moon with the swing.

Mix On Vine-1403

The one (below) looks easy enough…THEN you pull your legs up, into the middle, then up again, then back out to the side. Really focusing on those lower abs!

Mix On Vine-1416
Like this!

And from this I realized…I need to do MORE abs.

The great thing about the Aerial Combo class is that it’s a little more strength training if that is what you are looking for.

Mix On Vine-1415

Now the really fun part! You get to enter to WIN a FREE AERIAL YOGA class, courtesy of Mix on Vine!

A big, big Thank you to Mix on Vine for partnering with Love, Lexington on this give away and Thank you to Mrs. Ashley Roberts for my solo class. Classes are offered all through out the week (Aerial Yoga, Aerial Combo and TRX).

Check the schedule here if you are interested in attending.

Below you can enter to win below. For each item you complete, the more entries you get. You can share the link to Facebook daily for more points! The contest will fun for one week.

Good luck and I hope you win :). 

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If you mention this post and Love, Lexington to Mix on Vine you will get 1/2 off an Aerial Yoga class! (valid until May 21)

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