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On Love, Lexington (a down to earth lifestyle blog) you’ll find a mix of my life with the Mister (Jesse), our two dogs (Nikki, a boxer and Enzo, a frenchie). We recently packed up our lives and headed south to Birmingham, Alabama but we visit home, Lexington, Kentucky as often as we can. Always a southern gal, I love traveling all over the US and being able to share those adventures with you. I’m daily trying to practice photography (most of my photos are taken be the Mister). My love for fashion usually gets my in trouble (ask my pocket book) but you’ll find I tent to lean towards Madewell, Free People and a few local boutiques from my hometown.

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4 thoughts on “Meet Mindy

  1. Rachael Dupree

    Hi Mindy,
    I’m the program director with GleanKY (, a nonprofit that rescues edible fruits and vegetables from the waste stream and delivers them to food-insecure populations. I wanted to reach out because our annual Heirloom Seed Sale fundraiser is coming up the first weekend of March, and I thought the audience of Love, Lexington might be interested. Can I send you a press kit? I’m also happy to answer any questions you have.

    I know that you recently relocated to Alabama, so I understand if this isn’t a good fit, but I just thought I’d touch base. Wish you all the best!


  2. Love, Lexington Post author

    I get it colored and cut at Atea Beauty in Lexington KY. Will be looking for someone new in Birmingham. Are you from KY or AL?

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