A Space to Call My Own

A Space to Call My Own

Love Lex Office-2

World Market Desk | At Home White Chair and Rug | Plant + succulent Lowes | Lowes light fixture | Wall Prints by Thirsty Hearts Design, Evelyn Henson + Stately Made (both c/o Miss Molly Vintage), CBuxton Art desk pad | Simplifed Planner

For the past year, I have been working on creating myself an “office/work” space in our home. It started with just needing a desk to sit at my Mac and blog, photo edit etc…but as Love, Lexington and Market 301 have grown (and hopefully continue to grow) so has the need to have a space to sit, collect my thoughts, work and then put all those thoughts to use.

What used to be our “dog room” aka…”throw all the crap that you don’t want to put on the curb because you might use it again one day” room has now become my new office. Christmas Eve the mister and I headed to Lowes, picked up one of my favorite colors (Pacific Coast by Valspar), and he got right to work (he’s the best…he thinks I suck at painting so I get out of working). Dog kennels came down, junk that we haven’t and won’t use went to the curb and I began my online search for furniture to fill my space. With a $500 budget I needed to find a desk (hard to do alone for under $500), a chair, rug, curtains, new light fixture, and decorations. I think I just barely came in under budget (and still need to reupholster the wingback chairs…but not 100% sure they are staying) and I am beyond happy with how the room turned out.

And why, yes that is a maniquenn (and my new plant…I’m obsessed with plants…I went from 0 plants to 3 and 3 succulents) in the bottom picture. I’m starting a capsule wardrobe (or at least attempting to) and have been photographing my looks on her to share with you guys on “Fashion Fridays.” The concept is to have 35-40 pieces of clothing (including shoes) that you wear for a season…I am going to do my winter capsule Dec-Feb and start my spring looks in March then so on for three month increments. An inspring blog (Un-Fancy) had me wanting to do this years ago but I never gave it the effort it needed. So…I shall start it …try to stick to it for the first 60 days… and then reevaluate if I think it’s a good fit for me.

Love Lex Office-5

Love Lex Office-3

Love Lex Office-4

Love Lex Office-7

Love Lex Office-8

Love Lex Office-9

Love Lex Office-10

Love Lex Office-11

Love Lex Office-14

Love Lex Office-1

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