A Day At The Races [ Keeneland ]

A Day At The Races [ Keeneland ]

A Day At The Races [ Keeneland ]

Visiting Keeneland before we head off to our new home in Birmingham was a MUST!

We hoped for warmer, sunnier weather…but let’s be honest, this is Kentucky. One day it is 80 degrees and sunny and then next it’s 40 degrees and raining. Either way, we are making the most of every day we have left with our family and friends here in Lexington.






While I love a good Saturday at Keeneland with tailgating and meeting up with friends…Sunday afternoons have become my absolute favorite. We found our box, flipped through our programs (I always have to get a program), watched the first race, and then headed out to the Paddock.



I know very little about the actual correct way to bet. I tend to pick horses based on name, color of silks, color of horse, etc…but I do like to go out to the paddock between the races to scope out the horses before placing my bet (this has actually worked well for me in the past)…and of course, to grab a bourbon!

No trip to Keeneland is complete without Keeneland’s signature cocktail, the “Keeneland Breeze” (made here with Maker’s Mark Bourbon). I will be starting a cocktail series next week and will feature my take on a Keeneland Breeze next week using Lexington’s very own Gent’s Ginger Ale. The Keeneland Breeze is not only super tasty…but super easy to make at home (and keep in mind…Derby parties are just around the corner!)




Yes, it was freezing Sunday…and yes, I was wearing my new Matison Stone dress from Morton James. I seriously cannot go to Keeneland for possibly my last meet of this year and not get fancy. Hopefully I’ll get to visit Lexington in October for the Fall meet…but right now I barely know what two weeks from now looks like with our big move so I’m not counting on it.


Dress: Morton James/ Matison Stone wrap | Drop Necklace: Rocksbox | Wrap bracelet: Rocksbox


I downloaded the Keeneland App (it’s free…do it!) and I am a huge fan.

I sat flipping through my program between the first few races (my winning strategy is simple…always bet on the grey horse!) and would mark the horses Jesse and I wanted to bet on so that we could knock out a few bets at once. The App also has a really cool betting simulator, a “BETology Glossary” for those of us that are newer to betting (includes details on types of bets, ways to bet, how to bet, etc.) and a section that I should have paid better attention to “Probable Payouts…”



I tested out the self-serve betting stations (first time!) and was surprised at how simple it was (and fast…) I always forget what order to say what I’m betting on. This system walks you through step-by-step on placing a bet (or multiple bets).






My “bet on grey” strategy was not paying off…back out to the paddock and back to my typical routine:

  1. Mark my horses in my app
  2. Get a good look at them in the Paddock
  3. Keep or update my “to bet on” horse
  4. Grab a bourbon



This time I’m going with the traditional “window bet”…in hopes of increasing my odds of winning.


Kiss your bet…and cheer for your pony! 


And guess what…!!

My horse came out of the gate LAST and was last for more than half the races….then out of no where, here he came, straight up the line and took the lead! AND HE WON!!!

I think I’m sticking to my traditional betting process!




Despite the gloomy skies and cooler temps, we had an amazing time! Trips to Keeneland will always be one of my most favorite things to do in Lexington.

Keeneland’s spring meet runs until April 29th and this coming weekend looks like some amazing weather!

We have an “open house” Sunday afternoon (someone come buy my house) so maybe you’ll see us out at Keeneland betting on some pony’s and enjoying the spring weather for our next to last weekend in Lexington!


[ Photography by: Jesse Rohr ]

Disclosure: This post was made possible by Keeneland. As always…the thoughts and opinions seen here are my own.

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