Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Roses are Red


Dress | Clutch (maker find at Porter Flea) | Booties | Sunnies (old Calypso Boutique)
Photography By Jesse Rohr

We’ve almost been in Birmingham 6 months now! SIX-MONTHS! It seriously feels like it’s been a year already. I am still shocked that after years of “talking” about moving and exploring somewhere new that we are actually here. Thank God the weather is finally cooling down and becoming much more pleasant…the summer was brutal at 98-99 degree temps and high humidity. While the move wasn’t a cake walk (but by no means horrible) I’m happy that all things are starting to be a bit more smooth and feel normal…Birmingham is finally starting to feel like home. We are still exploring and enjoying the city, the food, and night life…this area that we took these photos is a great new feature that opened just before we moved, The Rotary Trail. It’s a 1/2 mile walking trail that leads out to Sloss Furnace. It’s a great spot to go bike riding (which we do often) or grab a cup of coffee at one of the local shops near the trail and stroll with a friend.

While I won’t be strolling around the trail in this dress, the areas around the trail are are perfect for snapping photos with it’s old buildings and brick walls. AND this dress! Could it be more amazing?! I think not. The stitching on the chest and back is just to die for!  Free People never disappoints and keeps me broke…but always coming back for more.

Now…the important question- Do I wear this to Keeneland this weekend or something else??






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