28×28 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

28×28 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

28×28 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Hi All! I am sorry, I have been MIA here on the blog for a while. What can I say…just out living life…and working (mostly working!) You can always keep up with me on @Instagram…that’s where I’m most active.

If you do follow on Insta…you’ve probably seen that Jesse and I just moved into a new house just before Christmas…uhhh it’s amazing and we LOVE it but their is ZERO closet space since the house was built in 1925. Not to mention packing everything up to move has me in the “I hate all the stuff…” mode. Does anyone else just feel like they have too much stuff? It almost makes me feel stressed when things are messy, unorganized, or just too much of something I’m not using.

Before moving to Birmingham, I did a capsule wardrobe (Un-Fancy really inspired and helped guide me on this) to help me evaluate the stuff in my closet and really think about what I’m wearing and what I’m spending my money on (see it here). It really does make you feel free from the chains of “stuff.” Every winter…by the time February rolls around…I am ready to box up all things winter and buy all new spring things…however it’s still winter so that idea of that is insane! Here sparked the idea to do another capsule wardrobe…the 28 item for 28 days capsule as a jump start to pairing down my closet and feel excited about the things I already own.

The (loose) rules…(remember this is meant to be fun…so don’t get stressed that you can’t alter something a few days in.)

  • 28 items consist of: tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets (not coats), shoes…things you wear out.
  • Not included: workout gear, PJs, coats (some people count this…I only wear 1-2 of my coats so I am not), underwear, socks.
  • Do not buy anything new (clothing wise) for the 28 days (Feb. 1-Feb. 28)…save your budget for fun new spring stuff in March…or April when you can actually wear it!


  • Start by make a list of things you love to wear…or pull them to the front of your closest over the next few days.
  • Check the weather in your area to be sure you pull items that fit with the weather…do you still need those heavy sweaters or can you get by with just long sleeves?
  • Once you have your 28 items, put everything else from your closet (if you can) in another room, closet, or storage. This will keep you from being tempted to pull from outside your 28 items.
  • This is meant to be a fun challenge. If you hate a top you pulled for the 28×28 two weeks in…switch it out for one you’ve been wishing you pulled. This really helps you think about what types of items you love to wear and you’ll be less impulsive in the future when you shop (all the time I think…I love this top but I’ll probably never wear it).

Now…let’s get down to what I pulled for my 28×28. I have pulled 25 items in preparation for the 1st…I’ll be thinking the other three items I want to add between now and Thursday.

(A lot of you have asked about this wardrober…it’s linked here for you.)

Sweaters/Jackets: Fringe Sweater (old) | Tan Oversided Cardigan | Black Oversized Cardigan | Lace Up Sweater |

FP Plaid Blazer (old but here’s a similar one on sale)


Shoes: Black Double Buckle |Booties in Suede (old) | 6G Lace Ups


Dresses and Skirts: FP Midi Set | Who What Wear Dress | FP Tunic  (old) | FP plaid Maxi Skirt (old)

Tees and Tops: Imogene & Willie Tee | FP Stones Tee | Black Tie Tee | Black eyelet buttondown (old) |

Black Faux leather sleeve tee (old) | FP Black Jordan Tee | Black Body Suit (old)

Bottoms: Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings | Black Skinnies | Black button front skinnies | Released Hem Denim |

Dark Skinnies | Distressed Mom Jeans 


I’d love to hear if you are participating in the 28×28 challenge with me! Be sure to let me know by commenting on Instagram and tag your photos @love_lexington and/or #28x28capsule so I can cheer you on! If you get stumped or need help in your capsule, reach out to me via DM on Instagram (or in the comments below!) I’m happy to help you be successful in this. I learned a lot from Caroline and her blog, Un-Fancy…be sure to check out her resources if you are new to the capsule idea (she has planners and all sorts of goodies).

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